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In order to succeed in the mortgage industry you must have a short term, medium term and long term strategy which will lower your cost per funded loan over time. If you don’t have one, you’re already behind. The Loan Officer and/or Mortgage Company that can bring in the most applications at the lowest cost, WINS, and gets the most operational flexibility for their company.

If you pay $300-600 to fund a loan and you get $10,000 in revenue, you’d probably ask us how many a day we can send, right? We’ll our answer is we can send many, MANY applications, but it takes careful planning, the right message via your brand and execution by your sales team to convert.

We have a THREE TIER APPROACH to marketing

Short Term

WHAT YOU’ll GET: 50-60 QUALITY Leads per month in your
selected town or city period.

Generate Quality (over quantity) Leads from people that are in the market to buy a home or refinance. These people are looking for YOU, their trusted advisor and are ready to get more information. These leads convert from 18-24% across our national partners.

The day after you sign up, we’ll Interview you and ask you what is special about your business, any special niches that you serve, the clientele that you love to deal with, where your business is today and where you want to be. Everything that we design and do for YOU is completely custom for YOU.

Day 1 – 3: We interview you and strategize internally on how we can explode your business. We’ll brand and market you as the go-to Loan Officer or Mortgage Company in your Area.

Day 4 – 6: We’ll take over all your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In), and if you don’t have any accounts, we’ll design them for you. We’ll post daily to them, 7 days a week to have fresh content there always.

Day 6 – 7: We’ll launch sponsored ads on social media that were customized for you.

Day 8 – 10: We complete your custom landing pages, which measured over millions of clicks of advertising, are optimized for converting the most quality leads for you.

Day 10-12: We launch your sponsored ads on the major search engines and send traffic to these landing pages. We love QUALITY over Quantity. You’ll be a much happier person converting leads into applications at 20%, rather than 3% (industry average).


WHAT YOU’ll GET: 1-3 lunch or coffee appointments
with performing Real Estate Agents in your area.

Get more Real Estate Agents to refer YOU business. In a Purchase Market, this is a must for any successful loan officer. The Loan Officer depending on refinances, their income is down more than 40-50% this year!

We’ll connect you with anywhere from 1 – 3 Real Estate Agents a month with the aim that you can have a conversation, see if you are both a fit, and then set up a coffee or lunch meeting to close the deal.

Day 15: We do research and draw a 30 mile radius around your location. We’ll target those real estate agents via advertisements, mass e-mails, and we’ll act as your marketing assistant on your behalf to make those contacts for you.

Day 20-30: You’ll start to get some appointments with Real Estate Agents and shots to pitch to them why you are the best loan officer in the world.


WHAT YOU’LL GET: You’ll dominate Search Engine Optimization
in your area for 15-20 keywords, which will produce 15-20 Organic
leads every month.

Search Engine Optimization and Technology is a must. Leads that come organically are essentially free. After a year, you shouldn’t have to PAY for leads any more. That is the position that we want to see you in. It is the reason that we only take on ONE Loan Officer or Company in each market. We make you our sole focus, and do not want to compete with ourselves. After all, we can’t make 2 Loan Officers, Number 1!

After 4 to 6 months in this program (depending on area and competitiveness), for 15-20 traffic generating keywords, we’ll get you on the first page on google, and then eventually in the first three positions. We choose keywords that will have an impact on your business and will generate LOANS for you.

Day 16: You’ll get a keyword analysis from us on all the keywords that we’ll be going after on your behalf.

Day 20-25: We will have Optimized your landing page for your city to generate leads organically, over time.

ALWAYS: We’ll advance, monitor, tweak, optimize and make
sure that your campaign gets better all the time.

HANDS ON: We’re here for you in every way.
Whatever your need is in this industry, we can help.


$2,995/month per city, and a one time setup
cost of $1495, $995 (Online Only)

If we send you one loan a month, are you breaking even? A half a loan a month? That is why we believe this program is little risk to our clients. Of course, we aim to get you 4 – 6 loans a month in the short term, and growing!

Want to Scale? It is easy, just get another City/Town
and we’ll help you dominate that one too!

Get Started and Order your City now

Total to get started TODAY:

$2,995 + $995
(One time Setup Cost)


1. How many applications can I expect for our Investment?

Initially, depending on your skill and area, 4–6 loans per month. However, the power of the campaign increases over time, because you get more and more Real Estate Agents, and more and more Leads through the Search Engine Optimization.

2. Why is there a setup cost?

Because everything we do is custom for you and has never been designed any other time before. We dive into you, get to know you, and create a custom solution around you and your business. This is not something we profit off of, but it is a part of your commitment to us.

3. Is there a contract? Can I cancel?

Yes, and it will be send you by your account representative within 24 hours. The agreement is good for 30 days, renewable, which means if you aren’t happy after 30 days, you can cancel, no questions asked. There is nothing funny in the agreement and is rather standard.

4. Why does your program cost $2,995/month?

Because there is no $99 solution or automated “engine” that is going to produce the results we can. It takes money to make money! We’re a team of ex mortgage executives and marketing guru’s that partner with you to help you dominate your area. Our goal is to get your cost per funded loan as low as possible, and to provide REAL solutions that will stand the test of time.

5. Who is LO Exclusive?

We’re a team of ex mortgage executives and marketing guru’s that partner with you to help you dominate your area. While our business started in 2017, we’ve privately coached Loan Officers and Mortgage Companies for decades. We’ve made many millionaire Loan Officers. We’re looking forward to partnering with you!

6. How long does it take to launch?

We aim to launch in 7-10 days, but it can sometimes take a little longer. Please remember that everything we do is custom to you, no templates, and it takes time to reach perfection!

7. I pay $3,990 to start, and then $2,995 per month. After today, when is my credit card charged again?

The next charge will be 30 days after launch. For example if you Sign up July 15th (pay $3,990 this day), you launch on August 1st, your next payment of $2,995 would be due on September 1st. In the mean time, we’ll prove ourselves.