The difference between the 2-person Mortgage Broker shop who is aspiring to grow and the 10,000-employee national lender is marketing and execution. The truth is “Rockets”, “Movements”, “Mello’s”, perception, user experience and speed matter. You must have the right trusted image, a certain level of sophistication, make clients feel comfortable, be up to date on technology/trends and most importantly get the loans done efficiently and painlessly. With companies like Marcus (Goldman Sachs), Amazon and Costco entering the mortgage industry, the time is now to solidify your brand and put all the proper tools in place to not only survive but thrive. We can help you with all of this and we’ve been growing brands and mortgage companies for a long time. It is our passion!

Welcome to the ultimate and exclusive, hands on, marketing, branding, public relations, technology and advertising solutions for the Mortgage industry.

Virtual CMO – Chief Operating Officer Package

Our Virtual CMO product is a true extension of your business. So much so, that we like to be treated as an executive employee. We know you’ll have expectations, deadlines, meetings and goals, and we’d love to participate in all of it.

We’ll be among one of your best, most educated, driven, loyal and hard-working employees you have. You’ll have our cell phone, you can call/text your CMO on Sunday’s, Christmas Eve or whenever you need us. Everything that you would expect from a top employee at your company.

A true solution that has no limits and solves your company marketing and business development needs.

We only partner with ONE company in each County, so that we don’t compete against ourselves. to give you our sole focus, and so we can help you become number #1.


  • Development of short, medium and long-term company marketing strategy.
  • Corporate Branding (Logo, Stationary, Brand Messaging and Vision).
  • Complete Website design and content.
  • Digital Mortgage Transitions and Implementation.
  • Landing Page Design Optimized for Lead Conversions.
  • A/B Testing across all platforms.
  • Lead Generation of Exclusive, Non-Competitive and Quality Leads.
  • Facebook Sponsored Ad Design & Campaign Management.
  • Instagram Sponsored Ad Design & Campaign Management.
  • Twitter & LinkedIn Ad Design & Campaign Management.
  • Google Sponsored Ad Design & Campaign Management.
  • Bing & Yahoo Sponsored Ad Design & Campaign Management.
  • Behavioral Re-Targeting across all Platforms.
  • End to End Lead and Call Tracking.
  • CRM Implementation.
  • Search Engine Optimization for your County.
  • Recruiting Campaigns for Loan Officers, Branches or Operations staff.
  • Social Media Pages Management, posted daily 7 days a week.
  • Reputation Management
  • Blog Postings.

We’ll always be striving to lower your cost per funded loan
and develop new, profitable, business.



  • Advertising Spend.
  • Costs from 3rd parties (such as software, freelance design and programming).


Background – Andy is a branch manager from a national mortgage company, and he was stuck with the same production over the last 2 years at about 12 units per month.

Goal – To increase funded loans per month to north of 25 loans within 6 months.

Strategy – Andy hired us his Virtual CMO. We integrated with Andy’s branch and business to create many different channels of marketing. To drive leads to his Loan Officers, we used Facebook sponsored ads, Google ad words and Yahoo & Bing marketing, to drive EXCLUSIVE, QUALITY, Non-Competitive leads to his CRM. Andy’s team converted those leads at over 23% and began to fill up his pipeline immediately. Next, we used LinkedIn, Facebook and Search Engine Optimization to help Andy recruit additional loan officers with their own book of business.

Results – Within 6 months, we helped grow Andy’s business from funding 12 loans a month to 49 loans a month. Up over 400%. Additionally, we helped him recruit and market to Loan Officers looking to make a switch. We were responsible for delivering 12 loan officer leads to him in 2 months, which resulted in 4 hires.